Editing Workshop

Find Confidence in How You Shoot & Discover Your Unique Editing Style.

Lightroom Editing Workshop to help you understand every slider & tackle any lighting scenario

Online Self-Paced Course

8-Hours of In-Depth Content

Become a Lightroom Expert

“Although I’ve spent a lot of time in Lightroom, I've still been stuck at times, not knowing what to do to improve my images, but NOW I do.”

- Workshop Attendee

  • Do difficult lighting situations stress you out ?
  • Are you frustrated with your editing ?
  • Do you wish your work was more consistent ?
  • Does your post processing suck all your time ?
  • Do you struggle finding your own unique style ?
  • Are you envious of other photographers work ?


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What makes this editing workshop different?

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Take Control of Your Creativity

This online course teaches you how to shoot in difficult lighting situations and how to fully utilize Lightroom to edit the way you want.


Learn At Your Own Pace

You can be a part of the workshop on any device that has internet and you can watch it at your own pace, as many times as you want.


Get More From The Workshop

Gain access to my private Facebook Group to ask questions, find support, join discussions, and grow as a community!

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“I’ve been absolutely loving your presets and the workshop was so helpful! Such a great investment for me.”

Hailey Arnold / @hailphotoco

“I couldn’t have loved the course more.”

Ingvild Kolnes / @ingvildkolnes

“The best investment I have made compared to any other presets or workshop. They have helped me enormously with my skin tones, overall sharpness of images, and color tones. I’m really happy with it!”

Bridgette Burgman / @brigetteburgmanphoto

Whats Included With The Workshop?

Editing Workshop

40 Videos Covering Lightroom from
Import to Export and everything in between.

8 Hours of In-Depth Lighting and Editing Education

An Online Community For Support and Discussion!

Maddie Mae Presets

45 Unique Lightroom Presets Designed For
9 Different Lighting Scenarios

Maddie’s Toolkit: 11 Develop Tools To Simplify Your Workflow

14 Local Adjustment Presets For Brushes & Filters

Two Ways To Buy The Workshop

*4 payments of $175, totaling $700. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you will be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 3 months.

Join My Online Community and Tag @MaddieMaePresets To Be Featured!

Buy the Online Workshop now and get access to the my private group where you can share your work, ask questions and find support! This secret group includes giveaways, bonus resources, and additional education from Maddie.

Once you start using the presets, share your work on Instagram and tag or hashtag #MaddieMaePresets to be featured!


  • What tweaks will I need to do to make Maddie Mae Presets work on my images?

    I’ve worked really hard to make sure these presets are as easy to use as possible, and paired them with an extremely thorough workshop that should leave no questions unanswered. In the 40 videos in the workshop, I’ve explained each of the 9 specific lighting scenarios in depth—how to know which preset to use, why it works, and exactly how to apply and adjust things if necessary—and with 45 versions already pre-adjusted for different kinds of light, there should be little to no tweaking required. Simply apply the right preset and adjust exposure and white balance depending on your shooting style.

  • How do I access the online editing workshop?

    As soon as you check out, you’ll be redirected to create your account and then immediately logged into the workshop. You can always gain access in the future by clicking “login” in the menu on this site.

  • What cameras will the presets work on?

    The Colorado pack of 45 presets have been tested on hundreds of raw images from photographers all over the world who shoot Nikon, Canon, Sony, & Fuji—without any issues. They were built using the Adobe Standard Profile 2012 Process version. Double-check that your camera is compatible with these camera calibration profiles before purchasing.

  • How do I download the presets?

    After you checkout, you will be redirected to create an account and then you will immediately have access to download the presets and watch the installation video. Come back to the this website and click “login” in the menu to gain access to your presets in the future if you ever need to.

  • How many times can I watch the editing workshop?

    You are welcome to watch the course as many times as you want! The website is tracking usage to prevent illegal sharing, but you can log-in with your personal details and watch the course whenever you want—learn at your own pace! There is 8+ hours of in-depth content, so it might melt your brain if you watch it all at once, but you can if you want to… or you can take your time and let the knowledge soak in, try out the presets in-between videos, and ask any questions you have in the private Facebook group for workshop attendees.

  • How much Lightroom editing experience do I need in order to benefit from this workshop?

    I designed this editing workshop to be for photographers with a wide-range of experience. Whether you’re just starting out, and don’t know much about how Lightroom works, or if you’re a pro that’s been using it for years, I’m confident that everyone who invests in this workshop & preset pack will learn & benefit.

  • If I have questions after watching the workshop videos and using the presets, will you answer them?

    Absolutely! I want to make sure you get all of your editing-related questions answered and make this workshop the best it can be. I have created a private Facebook group exclusively for Workshop Attendees to ask questions, get help or support if you need it, and share your amazing new edits!

  • I have a different editing style than you. Would I still benefit from this workshop?

    Heck yes! ESPECIALLY if you have your own style—the videos in this workshop—nerding out about each unique lighting situation, breaking down each slider in LR, and thoroughly explaining how to edit to create a consistent portfolio, will equip you with all the knowledge you need to feel confident in shooting in any lighting situation you run across outside, and to tweak your own presets to work in any conditions.

  • So many people are selling their presets. Why should I care about yours?

    I have heard so many stories of photographers being tired of purchasing presets and them not working as advertised—and having no help getting them to work. I didn’t want to be yet another photographer that simply put their presets out there with little or no information, leaving people frustrated at the results. A preset itself is only one piece of the recipe for how someone creates their artistic look—so without the knowledge of why & how someone built their presets and how they got it right in-camera in the first place to achieve their look, presets are fairly useless. I wanted to be more helpful & transparent—and so I created an entire workshop, that explains exactly how & why I built each preset, how every slider in Lightroom works, how I shot each image in the first place to get those raw files, and most importantly, how YOU can use your new in-depth editing knowledge to successfully rock your own style in an informed & educated way.

  • Can I buy the presets now and the workshop later?

    You can! However, if you ever choose to purchase the workshop in the future (after having purchased the presets), it will only be available at full price. There is no discount on the workshop if you have purchased the presets.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Only on the workshop. You can choose the payment plan option which is 4 payments of $175 totaling $700. The first payment is due upon check out.

  • Are there any refunds or exchanges?

    All sales are final. Please read through all of the content provided here about the description of what’s included and check out the reviews to know what you’re getting before purchase.

  • Can I watch the workshop on my phone or tablet?

    Yes! The workshop can be accessed on any device that is connected to the internet.

  • Can I join the Facebook group if I have purchased just the presets?

    The Facebook group is exclusive only to those who have purchased the workshop. It’s a place to find support, get questions answered and join in discussions. As well, I often jump in and share some new content! If you only purchase the presets, you will not have access to the private online community.


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